Wednesday 9 November 2016

Artful Improv ~ C & T Publishing ~ Book Review

by Cindy Grisdela

ISBN: 9781617452611
Publisher: C & T Publishing
Publication Date: 03 October 2016
RRP: £19.99

Available direct from Search Press.

Cindy has put this book together to help
inspire you to create your own quilts.
She has designs that you can follow
but she also gives you the inspiration
to create your own.


She teaches you simple design principles
that help you create your own unique art quilts.
She empowers you to let go of rigid rules
and to make inspirational quilts.

I love the fact she doesn't use precise measurements.
This means you are able to create spontaneous
designs that are more like art.

It's so inspirational that she says it's okay to make
mistakes and gives you the support you
need to get better and better at making
this artful quilts.

The free design of the quilts
and the idea of just going with it and
creating something unique.

Making a present is special but making
a unique present is something else.

Cindy takes you through the whole
process and gives you everything you need
for you to create your own amazing quilts.

I love her use of colours and how you can
uses small pieces of material to make
an impact on a block of colour.

Once you have read the different sections
of learning how to design your own quilt,
you can then go on to follow some of
Cindy's instructions to create different
parts of the different designs.

Each of the types of design come with
step-by-step instructions of how to create them.
You can use them to create Cindy's designs
or your own.

The book is full of inspiration and colour.
It's full of beautiful designs and support
for you to create your own.


Available direct from Search Press.

I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.


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