Friday 18 November 2016

fast2mark Essential Circle Tool from Piece O' Cake Designs ~ C & T Publishing ~ Product Review

ISBN: 9781617452185
Publisher: C & T Publishing
Publication Date: 13 June 2016
RRP: £16.99

Available direct from Search Press.

I was so excited to receive this tool.
I am new to quilting and love the craft
but sometimes I want to run before I can walk.
With this tool it doesn't matter as it makes
quilting with curves and circles
so much easier.

You can easily choose the size of the curve
or circle you want.
It's easy to see and easy to mark.
There is a small gap within each size
so that you can easily mark the fabric
with either chalk, washable pen etc.

The tool is so easy to use!
It's just a case of placing it on the fabric
and marking it.

When using curves within the quilt it's so easy
to cut both sides of the curve.
It can be quite complicated with the different shapes,
however with this tool it just makes it so simple.

It's a quite flexible and easy to place.
With the gaps it's easy to use to mark
your fabric.

Available direct from Search Press.

I received this product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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