Wednesday 5 October 2016

What You Doing Wednesday Week 202

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope your week is going well!

This week has been a bit up and down
and I am a bit emotional.

I'm not getting much sleep at the moment.
My CFS is playing up.
I am back at the doctors this morning to
see if we can go with a new medication plan.
I was really hoping I could come off medication
but after seven nights of hardly any sleep
I have decided to give in and see if I can
go for better methods.

I also went to the vets with Benji
this week hoping he would put my mind at rest.
It didn't quite work out.
He has started getting quite a few lumps.
I knew most of them were fatty lumps but there
were a couple that didn't feel the same.
One he thinks is like a rough skin where
he sits all the time, this could be
an indication of a thyroid problem but it will be
a few months and checking symptoms before we know.
Most were fatty lumps but he wants us to keep an
eye on one as it doesn't feel the same,
it's very small at the moment so we have to
see if it grows and then make a decision.
The one that is worrying is like a skin tag on his eye lid.
At the moment it isn't aggravating his eye but
once it does we have to make some decisions.
The vet said the type it is, if he removes it even more
will come back.
This means that if we remove one then he'll highly likely
get even more coming back.
I don't think it's fair to put him through the stress of an op
to then get it even worse with even more
to appear.
He is fine whilst it isn't aggravating his eye
so for the moment I still have my best friend.
The other problem is where it is as it's at the back
of the eye lid and the vet doesn't know it will
be possible without causing other issues.

I have been very naughty and started a new
cross-stitch project.
It's just a very small Christmas Decoration.

I am also working on my hat and will
hopefully have it finished for you by Friday.

Now it's your turn to share what you are doing.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.
Please add the pin to your post & check out a couple
of other people that are sharing their work 
Crochet Addict UK What You Doing Wednesday

Crochet Addict UK What You Doing Wednesday


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