Friday 21 October 2016

I've Made Friday Week 203

Good Morning everyone!

I hope your week is going well.
I am going to be sat at Red Monster's assembly
this morning.
They are doing a play about the children evacuated
in the 2nd World War.
He is playing a man who is taking a child into his home.
He only has one line and then a poem to
read with a few of his friends.

Benji has been loving his walks this week.
I've found them a bit difficult as the
fatigue and pain is worse with the weather change.
I do feel better for doing them.
My heart rate has gone down to 79bpm at rest.
I am super happy about this and it's nice
to see the results.

You can't see him in this picture
but he has run to the top of the path
as his friends the dog walkers are there
and they have fantastic treats.
The picture above is the face he gives everyone
to try and get some treats out of them.
It works as well.

I am taking the plunge and having my flu jab today.
I didn't have it last year, as the success rate was low,
but there seems a lot more about this year
so I am going to have it.
As an asthmatic it's better that I have it.

Now onto this weeks makes.

Loads more poppies.
I've still got more to make.

This is my first time embroidering letters
so they aren't brilliant but I don't think
it turned out too bad.
I think I might crochet some small bunting
to go on it.

I made my first Christmas card using
dies and stamps.
I don't think it turned out too bad.
I learnt a lot of lessons
and hopefully they will get better and better.

Sorry about the ugly looking person
modeling the hat.
This is the Jane Frost Hat
from Mamachee.

This is a really fun hat to make and the
pattern is really easy to follow.
I am going to make more of the projects
in this book.


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