Monday 27 January 2014

Product Review - Qerky Crafts Tool Roll

This week I was lucky enough to be sent a tool roll
These are fantastic for holding your crafting tools, 
hooks or knitting needles.

Kathy makes them in various sizes
for different crafting needs 
and in different patterns.

Kathy made this one so that it would be perfect for all my crochet hooks.

As you can see it holds a lot of hooks.
You could even put more than one hook in each slot 
and fit twice as many.

The other thing I love about the tool wrap 
is Kathy has made a couple of the slots
slightly wider so they will hold my larger
fimo hooks.

The fantastic thing with a tool roll
is that when you roll them up your tools are safe
and only take up a small amount of space.

You also don't loose any as you know they are all safe
and in one place - just make sure you remember where you put them ;-)

The quality is fantastic and the fabric is of a really good quality.
You won't be disappointed.
I love mine and am keeping all my favorite hooks in it :-)

You can find Qerky Crafts at:

On the Qerky Crafts website you can find everything from:
Supplies such as these fantastic mini scrapbooks


Gifts such as this Fantasy forest picture

There are also Video Demos

Kathy is super talented and has a vast amount of knowledge
on multiple crafts.
I love the fact that you find so many different and interesting
things on her site and that she also
recycles materials into something beautiful.

I hope you will check out Qerky Crafts

I received a free tool roll to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were received in return for this review. 


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