Saturday 11 January 2014

Crying Out for Help

Today's post is different than normal.
I have a friend who needs peoples help
and support to help her son.
Below is her story in her words.
It's about her son who is in the Scout Cubs in the UK

Crying out for any help. 
I have a son, hes 8 years old, my youngest child. 
He sadly encountered bullying at his previous school, 
to such a level he got diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), 
I obviously moved him. 
He is now in a school out of his community and away from the peers he grew up with. 
After some time at his new school based on the progress he made 
we made inquiries at the local cub Pack and was delighted when they were able to offer him a place. 
It meant so much to him especially since his Grandad had died recently. 
He has attended without any problems what so ever, 
his fees are up to date and all his paper work is completed, he has even done some badges. 
Then I get a call out of the blue from the leader, 
she had been approached by the other child's parents to state 
that my son was removed from cubs prior to her son attending it.... 
I was flabbergasted.... 
I didn't think the leader would even consider the matter... 
as at the end of the day my son had been the victim. 
The call concluded on the fact that we were happy to keep an eye on the boys 
and I was content with this solution. 
As I believe time has moved on and they both deserve the right to participate. 
Then several weeks later I get another call from the leader following discussions with the other parent 
that she was unwilling for my son to continue at cubs and that he must be excluded 
prior to her sons promotion and she would not consider any other solution. 
So based on the other mothers refusal to co operate 
my son has been excluded from attending a cub pack he has thoroughly enjoyed being part of. 
He has undertaken and received badges and has been part of his local community of peers. 
He is again being isolated from his peers and bullied away from cubs 
via a parents refusal to move on and let two children co exist. 
I believed the scouting association to be inclusive and that it supported opportunities for all. 
I have followed the complaints procedure and tried to contact Patrons 
and leaders within the association to assist 
so that my son can continue to be part of his community and enjoy being part of the scouting association. 
I would appreciate any help or advice anybody may have. Thank you so much for reading.

Sarah x 


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