Monday 3 September 2012

My Latest Designs

Good Morning Everyone.
I just couldn't wait till Friday to show you my latest designs.

You've already seen the frog:
Frog Earflap Hat 3 yrs+
Then there is the Bear Earflap Hat 3 yrs+

 The Aang Hat 3 yrs+
The pattern isn't released for this one yet
as it's this months free pattern.
The Cow Hats 3 yrs+
 The pattern includes both the male
& the female versions
of the hat for the one price
 The Meerkat 3 yrs+ Hat
 The Mouse Hat 3 yrs+

The patterns are now available:
the ready made items are available:

I hope you like my new designs.
I am on with a Ladybird (ladybug), whale & chicken next
as well as the frog hat in smaller sizes.
If there is an animal you would like to see me make
just let me know (no obligation to buy)
susand1408 at gmail dot com


  1. Such lovely designs Susan. Love the Aang hat. That is my youngest sons favorite show. I made an Aang hat for him for Halloween some time ago. Love the Meerkat and of course the girl cow. :)

    1. Thank you ever so much!!! Little Red hasn't got into Aang yet but his dad loves it :-)


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