Saturday 1 September 2012

Guest Blogger Week 28 Aberrant Behaviour

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Gail

Hello all, my name is Gail, mostly known as Nhewyt.  I am honored that Sue has chosen me to be a guest blogger here!  My own blog, Aberrant Behavior ( does not get posted to as often as it should.

A little about me:

I'm old enough to know better but young enough not to care.  Married but without children.  As a result, we have 4 very spoiled cats instead.  Although I never seem to have enough time to do all of them to the extent that I would like, I spin yarn, crochet, knit, weave, needle felt, bead, work in polymer clay, make origami, draw/paint using mixed media and sew when it is called for.  As an IT specialist by day, I do tend to get some interesting comments about the duality of man as I can be found installing software or rebuilding a PC in the morning at work and spinning lace wieght yarn with a drop spindle at lunch.  I simply tell them the truth, my crafting keeps me sane.  I need the change in pace from my high pressure job.

I have been crocheting since 2003 and knitting since 2010.  Of the 2, I find that crochet allows me to do one of the things I love most - sculpture.  I enjoy challenging myself to create fiber animals and plants in ways that haven't been done before and/or in ways that make them most realistic.  I currently have about 20 or so patterns in progress - ideas I've been working on or finished crochet sculpture that simply has not yet been translated from my brain to paper in a way that others can understand.  I offer my designs on both Ravelry ( and Etsy (  I prefer Ravelry simply because it allows me to do something that I personally feel is very important in this life - giving and paying it forward.  On Ravelry I can post patterns for free easily and I really think that it is important as a designer to provide some of your work this way.  Just for this guest blogging I have made up a quick and cute crochet flower pin - please feel free to make and sell as many as you like.  I'm sure they will go over well at local fund raisers - pay it forward :-)

Flower Pin
© by Gail Hovanec

This cute little flower pin can be made up very quickly and economically, making it perfect
for fall craft fairs, church bazaars and local fund raisers. Make up a bunch in bright and
cheerful colors & pin them to an easel type table display so folks can see them easily.
Because they are so economical to make you can price them at an “impulse” buy price point!

Worsted weight acrylic yarn such as Red Heart Super Saver
Size H 5.0mm hook (or size that works with yarn chosen - gauge is not important here)
Yarn needle for weaving in ends
Pin backs in a size that will fit your flower center (depends on yarn used)
Knowledge of magic loop, sl st, sc, hdc, tc (American terms)
Finished flower is approximately 3.25" in diameter

Flower center, make 2:
1) Make 8 sc into a magic loop, pull tight & join with a sl st to the first sc, ch 1
2) 2 hdc in each stitch around, join with a sl st to the first hdc, finish off, weave in ends
Place a pin back into one of the center circles with the pin showing on the right side.

Flower petals:
With wrong sides facing & sts matched, join petal color yarn by going through the outside
loops of the front and back flower centers.

ch 1, in same st as joined *(hdc, ch 2, tc, ch 2, hdc) sl st into the next set of outside
loops*, starting with next set of loops, repeat from * to * around - 8 petals made - finish
off, weave in ends, pull on tips of petals to shape.

Thank you again Sue for having me here as a guest blogger!


Thank you ever so much Gail!
I love the flower Pin!
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Please check Gail's blog & ravelry store.
I love Gail's Oriental Dragon:


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