Tuesday 18 September 2012

Donation Day

Well today I finally finished my donations
& made it to the post office.

If you are interested in making things for charity
here is what I sent my items to today.

I made 2 Angel Bear Blankets

The pattern for these bears can be found
Melissa designed the pattern to be donated to the 
Project Hope Organization. 
For more information about Project Hope please visit : http://www.bitsofsplendor.com/search/label/project%20hope
This charity is based in the U.S.

The 2nd charity I am supporting is:
Donation Page
Donate for young moms & children
The event can be found on facebook
as can their facebook page
This charity is based in the uk.

I sent 2 parcels to them today:

Another Charity\Competition I would of loved to join in
but don't have the time this year is:
this is a fantastic competition & the squares
you make are put towards making
some wonderful things for charity.
The competition is being held on Facebook and I would highly 
recommend it!
This charity event is being held in the UK 
but the items made are donated to a South African Orphanage 
As it's a competition there are prizes for the winners.

Anyway I hope you are all having a good day!


  1. I love those bears! And what a wonderful cause. I will have to make some and donate them. I usually make a memory box, and I just haven't yet this year. I will have to, and maybe with one of those bears!

    1. It's thanks to Melissa and her wonderful pattern. They are just so easy to make and can make such a difference.

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