Saturday 15 September 2012

Guest Blogger Week 30 Haakdraakje

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Inge
 from Haakdraakje

Thanks, Susan, for having me on your blog ! 
As I’m not blogging, I’ll just give your readers what I like most myself:  
Seeing what other crafty people are doing.

I’m Inge, daughter, wife, mother of 2 and food supplier to 1 cat.
Threads have been running through  my life and house for as long as I can remember. 
My grandmother learned me the basics of knitting and crochet when I was a kid and I loved it. 
In those days macramé was something everybody dabbled in, so of course I gave that a try. 
Remember the hanging baskets for flower pots??
 And of course I learned cross stitch and embroidery.
School and its assignments made knitting a lot less attractive but left to my own device at uni the love returned and I made my first Aran cable sweater.
 I could still take a picture of it as it is now in my hubby’s garden-work-garderobe.
 Talking about sturdy: I am just over 40 now which makes this sweater 20 years old!

After university the focus shifted to bobbin lace (Bruges flowers, Binche, Flemish, Milanese, Russian lace) and for years and years you could hear the bobbins tick in our living room. 
Occasionally I would grab my crochet hook or smyrna hook.

But then there were kids, and I soon found out that fragile yarns and toddlers do NOT go together. So the interest shifted back to knitting: little sweaters, big sweaters, and scarfs and beanies and…. Like a snowball thundering downhill, the ideas and projects kept coming.

Soon I discovered amigurumi and instantly fell in love with this type of crochet. 
The satisfaction of a quick project, combined with a super-cute result keeps me longing for more!

My family soon found out that you can also crochet a cozy for the new cell phone, or a blanket to snuggle while watching tv, or some pillows, or swaddle blankies or….

 As the snowball kept rolling, I tried to design my own patterns, and now I’m working on getting my own little shop J
This was my first online pattern:

The second was the little squirrel that Susan blogged about some time ago.
You can still download these  patterns at Ravelry!
And to honour Susan and her great initiative/blog I designed another pattern. I had to look it up: Susan means “lily”. Only this week for free, then the torch goes to the next guest blogger J
The pattern will be free on Ravelry for you to download till Friday midnight.

Happy crocheting!

Thank you ever so much Inge!
Your work is fantastic.
The Lily is beautiful!!!!
I hope you all agree that Inge's work is fantastic
and the things she makes are beautiful.
I hope you'll check out her shop on Ravelry :-)


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