Monday 10 September 2012

My Crochet Kit

I don't know about you 
but I have certain things
that I like on hand before I can crochet.
I don't take them everywhere with me.
If I'm in the middle of a project
it's just my yarn bag, yarn & hook.

If I'm designing then I need a few more things.

First I set-up my space.
I don't have it set-up all the time 
as we don't have the space.
While hubby is at work and Little Red is at school
this is how I like to crochet:

Yes I know I must look like a little old lady alread.
I've got my rocking chair that my Granddad gave me.
My table, a box of different colours of yarn
& my foot stool.

This is my tool case.
It's just a pencil case but it has all my handy little things in.

My favorite hooks
I have another case in with all the different sizes in
but I like to keep my favorite and most used hooks
close at hand.
I love my bamboo hooks but I also like
swapping to my fimo covered hooks
so that my hands are holding the hook at different angles.

My scissors

My tape measure

My little tin

My needle threader r & yarn needle (the are more in the tin but these are my must haves)
I have a number of different types of stitch markers
but I love these plastic safety pins.

A pencil & rubber.
When I am designing this is a must.

My pattern book.
Sorry no I didn't take a picture with a pattern on it :-)

What are your must haves when crocheting?


  1. love this post! I want a footstool now!!!

    We finally have a real sofa, so I have my little makeup bag that I use for all my hooks, tape measure, scissors, etc, the yarn I'm working on and water or a nice cup of tea!

    1. I had to order it and then tell hubby afterwards :-). It’s great to it angles to whatever level your feet are at. It also supports your calfs as well as your feet.

      Sounds like your all set-up :-)

  2. My number 1 must have is usually a cup of tea :)

    1. I know this may come as a shock to some people but I don't drink tea or coffee. If I'm being naughty it has to be a coca cola but if I'm being good it's cordial. I know I'm a big kid at heart :-)

  3. Ooooo! I love your needle threader! I need a good one of those. The ones I use have the little 'wibbly' wire. Not very sturdy at all! I'm always afraid it's gonna pop under the weight of my thread. :-))...As to everything else, I have 'see-through' plastic container boxes with all of my supplies in them. A separate one for what I'm working on at the moment. Easy-Peasy. LOL

    1. I bought mine off ebay. it is the best buy ever! I was always breaking the wire ones and I've had this one for over a year and it's as good as new. Good idea with the see-through containers! I have loads of bags. Each bag has a different project in.


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