Tuesday 21 August 2012

What You Doing Wednesday Week 22

I hope you are all having a good Week!
Sorry I got mixed up with my days and posted a day early.
Better early than late :-)

This week I haven't done as much crocheting.
A lovely chest infection
& a relaxing week with the family instead.

My hubby is off this week so we are trying to have some
fun family time.

Little Red choose a Nerf Gun the other day when he was at the shops.
Little Red's has 3 whistling bullets
& a night site so you can see where you are shooting.

Hubby went to the shops a couple of days later and decided to get one.
Of course Daddy's had to be bigger and better.
His is a rapid fire with 6 bullets.

All I can hear at the moment is screams and laughter
as they chase each other round the house shooting each other.
I must admit it's good to hear Little Red laughing so much!

Now onto what I am making at the moment.
My hat is coming along nicely.
I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished.
I am also making a Mallet for Little Red from the following free pattern:
I've still got one white hat left to make up.
I've got the idea in my head so it's just a case of getting it made up now.
 I've started using my yarn bag.
I made it the other month but didn't start using it.
I was going to use it on the school run whilst waiting for Little Red
to come out but the weather was always awful.
I'm now using it for my hat project. It's fantastic as my yarn, hook
pencil & pattern fit in with space to spare.
I can just grab it and run and it doesn't take up much space.
It's small enough so I can crochet whilst standing
and just have it hooked over my wrist.
My free pattern for the bag is:

I've found a crochet along that I really fancy joining in:
Crochet Along
I don't know whether or not any of you would be
interested in joining?

I am currently reading:
I have only read up to chapter 3 so I am only just getting started.
So far so good but it's just intriguing at the moment.

If you would like an invite to Pinterest just email me
susand1408 at gmail dot com

P.S. If your pins don't appear for you to add them
to Pinterest
make sure they are large on your blog first.
I couldn't understand why I couldn't add my pictures anymore.
I didn't get any luck from their help
but managed to figure it out myself.

I am a huge fan of Pinterest!

Now what are you doing this week?
It doesn't have to be crochet 
link up anything that you are making.

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  1. I have really never investigated pinterest..geez..I'm just finding ravelry! Your yarn bag will be in my next WIP...maybe an FO..!
    Thanks for hosting!

    1. Pinterest is addictive! Hope you like the yarn bag :-)
      Your more than welcome and thank you for joining in :-)

  2. Hello Susan!
    Love your hats and the bag! Pinterest is addictive but this is getting a bit less for me and now I have more time to crochet:)
    Thank you for hosting!


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