Friday 17 August 2012

I've Made Friday Week 22

Hi everyone!
Hope you have all had a good week!

I'm afraid I haven't finished my hat yet.
I had to frog it
and try with a smaller hook.
It was just too loose on my head.
I should hopefully have it finished for next week.

I did however finish one of my white hats
I know I have kept you waiting in suspence
but it's a ...............
Cow Hat
It's to match the other one I made for my son.
I am going to put the patterns together
so you get both the girl & boy cow hat
from the one pattern.

This week I finished reading:
Ordained by Devon Ashley

I loved this book!
It was a huge twist on the Vampire theme.
In fact it was more about a secret order
the trainees & the monsters they
would really have to fight.
This book is a fantastic set-up for a series!
It starts by following one of the hunters
& what happens when she returns to the "order"
The characters are fantastic and each
plays their own part!
As you carry on reading more and more
information comes out about the "order"
the practices & where they have got things wrong.
Little by little you learn more about the characters.
Emily who seems so young in a lot of ways
but has been through so much!
Abby who although the order don't want her
they need her.
You find out about the past & how it has formed who
Abby is.
You learn about their fears and how it affects
the up and coming fight that could
save the world.
I give this book 5 out of 5 
and would highly recommend it!

If you come back on Monday
I am posting my new free
Chunky Headband Pattern.

Now it's your turn
It doesn't have to be crocheting
anything you've made is more than welcome!

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I hope you enjoy the blog!
Thank you ever so much for commenting!
I love reading everything you put and I will try and reply but it just depends on my health.
Thanks Sue