Sunday 5 August 2012

Sunday - Thank You & your giveaway linkups

I'm afraid I haven't found any giveaways this week.
Things at home took over my time
I'm afraid.

I still wanted to post to say thank you for being here for me
Thank you for reading my blog
& thank you for your wonderful comments.
I also want to say a huge Thank You
She has kindly award me an award

I am just so honoured!!!

Now I have to tell you 7 things about me:

1)     I'm nearing 40 - not going to tell you how far or how close ;-)
2)      I have one son who is now 6 years old - as he keeps telling me.
3)    I love cavalier king charles spaniels but my hubby says they are too girly.
4)   I have a beagle but wouldn't recommend them unless you know all about their bad points before
finding out there good points.
5) I lived at my mum and dads till I was 29 & I finally settled down with my husband.
6)  I was born in Johannesburg
7)  I can't draw & I can't see pictures in my head.  This one might sound stupid but if I have an idea I can't draw it and if I have an idea it's just an idea and I can't picture it till it appears in my hands.
I don't draw things I just pick up a needle and the thing just seems to happen.

Now it's time to nominate some blogs:

I want to nominate my fantastic friend Melissa!
She is there everyday for me and is an inspiration
She is my faraway best friend.
No matter how far apart we live she's still there.
She is a fantastic crocheter & cross stitcher & has some fantastic patterns!

I also want to nominate 
as she helps me so much with my blogging, crocheting & my CFS
she has been such a help with me coming to terms with my desease
& she achieves so much no matter how her
illnesses affect her

I would also like to nominate
she is one of the first crochet bloggers I met
She also suffers from CFS
& is an inspiration for everyone.
She has shown that crocheting can be something
more than just a hobby.
She also shares so many of her patterns
and makes so many fun things.

I hope you go and check out Ali's, Melissa, MarieAng & Sara's
blogs they are a real inspiration.

I want to also say thank for the following giveaways I have won:

hosted at: Booksnatch
supplied by: Lloyd Poast

Supplied by: Devon Ashley

Now if you have a giveaway 
you are more than welcome to link to it.
I'll hopefully be back on track by next week.

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  1. Aww Susan, I am so honored. I remember you from the very beginning too.

    I believe you asked if I would test a pattern for you - kitty bib? I've tested 3 patterns now and love how you have grown your crochet community online -Especially your Facebook Group - is it up to 8000 members now? Super Awesome.

    You have a sweet heart and you bless me and other crochet bloggers daily.

    P.S. I don't have CFS, I do have Bipolar though. I'm more 'painful' in the head LOL whereas you seem to have a painful physical illness.

    1. Thanks ever so much Sara. Sorry about the wrong illness.

  2. Oh Sue :) Thank you for the lovely award! I'm always glad that I can help you. We have to pull together in life otherwise we fall by the wayside. I firmly believe in leaving no one by the wayside :)

    I feel very honoured that you have given me this award.
    Thank you


    1. You are more than welcome & you deserve it :-)


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Thank you ever so much for commenting!
I love reading everything you put and I will try and reply but it just depends on my health.
Thanks Sue