Wednesday 15 August 2012

What You Doing Wednesday Week 21

Wow half way through the week already!

I still have one white hat left

Yes that means another hat is made up :-)
Here is your sneak peak 

I am making a hat for myself at the moment:
I bought the pattern off etsy.
This is what it should hopefully look like when finished
Crochet Pattern Womens FLAPPER HAT Cloche With Side Pinch Pleats  PDF May Resell Finished
I've bought a number of her designs.

My brother is getting married in November.
It's about time.
I'm finding it a bit daunting as with
it being in the autumn
I am worried about my CFS.
I am really pleased for him and his partner Ali!
I have decided that as crochet is such a big part
of my life I want it to be part of my outfit for the day.
I've picked my dress & have decided to make myself 
a hat, shawl & maybe my bag as well.
I am going to add a small posy of flowers to the hat 
where it is pinched.
I am going to add the same flowers to my bag
& make a corsage as well.
I don't know whether I will manage it all
but I am really looking forward to making it :-)

Little Red's caterpillars are coming along nicely.
They are all now in their cocoons.
Now it's just a waiting game.
They got soooo big before they started their transformation
When they first came
 The size before they started their cocoons
 Them hanging in thier cocoons
Them ready in their habitat.
Just a week to go and we will hopefully
have some beautiful 
painted lady butterflies :-)

I am reading The Bonesetter's Daughter
by Amy Tan
The story starts off about a women
and her life as it changes
with some family issues appearing.
It's all about her life at the start
& about who she is.
The story then starts to include
information about
her family that she never knew.
It's a mix of all the emotions
and is beautifully written.

I only started it yesterday & I'm nearly half way through.
It's one of those books that touches your heart.
I'll tell you more about it when I review it.

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Now what are you doing this week?
It doesn't have to be crochet 
link up anything that you are making.

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  1. Love the pattern for the green hat. I am really looking forward to your creation(s) for your brother's wedding. Hope you will tell us all about it the coming weeks and show us many pictures! :)

    1. Thanks. Oh there will be lots more about the things for his wedding. It will give me the motivation to get them made.

  2. That green hat looks lovely!

    1. I couldn't resist buying the pattern once I saw it :-)

  3. That green hat is beautiful!!!

  4. Very nice hat pattern! Wish I had the face and hair to suit that.
    Congratulations to your brother! I hope you can get all your projects done on time :)

    I love Amy Tan's books! If you like that one you should also try the Joy Luck Club - that's my fave!

    1. I hope I do the pattern justice.
      Thanks, my fingers are firmly crossed :-) that I get them finished.
      I'll try that one, I love her style of writing.

  5. Nice hats! Good luck with the coccons.

  6. I hope to see pics of the wedding, butterflies and your outfit! But mostly I have my fingers crossed that you are able to hang in there with your cfs..take care of yourself!

    1. Mary thanks ever so much! Lots of photos hopefully coming :-)
      I'm hoping that once the stress of a number of things have cleared i can get it a bit more under control.

  7. That green hat is looking gorgeous!

    1. I know I just hope I can make my hat look as good as Kalliedesigns pattern.

  8. I love that pattern for the green hat! Very pretty. I've been wanting to get some caterpillars as well for my boys, they would love it!

    1. I just hope I can make mine look as good as Kalliedesign's.
      You can get the pack off amazon. Little Red loves it, I just hope they turn into butterflies!

  9. I so like the style of the green hat! Can't wait to see yours! So pretty!


  10. Seems like the handmade hats have made a big come back with the teens.
    The butterflies are so interesting!

    1. Yes I must admit when I see them I often look at them to see if it's something I could make. People must think I'm strange looking at their hats :-)
      I just hope they come out!

  11. I love the idea to accessorize your outfit for your brother's wedding! I do hope you'll share photos with us along the way and at he big event.

    1. I'll share all the photo's. Little Red is going to be an usher with his dad.


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