Tuesday 7 August 2012

Review of Next Dress

Good Morning everyone.
As a special I am reviewing a next dress.

I received a Next voucher 
to perform this review
but all views expressed are my own.

A bit of background.
I used to be between a uk size 6 & 8
then I got CFS & I'm now a size 16.
Due to this I avoid shopping
& am always concerned about what people
think when they see me.
With this in mind I wanted to review the whole experience.

I entered Next at the Middlebrook centre at Bolton.
1st impressions of the shop are really good.
The decor is well designed & doesn't distract from the clothes.
One side of the shop is more casual
& the other side of the shop is more formal.
The staff all seemed busy & weren't standing around doing nothing.
Everything that I went to was in perfect 
size order and smartly hung.
Within the first couple of minuets I had found
3 different dresses that I liked.
I was thinking of a trouser suit but didn't want a black one.
Most were black and the others had really short jackets.
With my body shape a short jacket would make
my hips & backside look even bigger than they really are
(which is big enough thank you).
After choosing my dresses I made my way to the fitting room.
It was clearly sign posted & easy to find.
The person who was looking after the fitting rooms
didn't make a big deal of me having a walking stick
but automatically took my dresses and showed me
to the changing rooms.
The changing rooms don't have air conditioning in.
It wasn't a hugely hot day but it was
very warm in them and made the changing more difficult.
They don't seem to have updated the changing rooms
as often as the front of the shop.
Everything was a little tatty & they aren't tidied through the day
so there was bits of paper etc on the floor.
There was plenty of hanging room
but the seat was very small!

One of the dresses I tried on was:
I loved the design of it and it fitted really well.
I would of bought it except for the fact 
the stitching hadn't been finished off well
on the one I tried on.
So I choose:

The houndstooth dress.
Although this dress is fitted it isn't too tight.
The material is stretchy but
doesn't pull tight on your big bits.
I worry about clothes showing off my fat
but this dress cleverly hides the bits you don't want people to see.
Due to the houndstooth material it
takes the eye away from your shape
but still makes you look feminine & smart.
This dress can be dressed up or down.
You can wear it for work during the day
& dress it up for going out at night.
I'm going to wear mine to a wedding.
I'm going to use an accent colour
on my bag etc.
The dress comes with it's own belt
that is very stretchy
The dress is very well made
& the seems are edge on the arms etc.
The material is quite thick so can be worn in winter
as well as summer.
The dress is also fully lined
which gives it a better shape
and it gives it a classy look.

I would recommend this dress.
It was £40 which I think is a fantastic
price for a classy dress!

Available here:

After choosing my dress
I took it to the till.
The shop assistant automatically moved to a till
that was nearer to me so I wouldn't have
to walk as far.
The member of staff was friendly,
very helpful & didn't talk
to me differently just because I have a disability (believe me it does happen).
At first my next gift card only took off £1.96
but the shop assistant cancelled everything
and then tried again and the full amount was removed.
The whole time she informed me what was going on
& kept up the friendly dialogue.

After conquering my fear
of going shopping
I would go again and probably will soon 
Overall it was a good experience
& I love my choice of dress.

Now I've just got to decide on the shoes to wear with it:
Click on the picture to get to the shoe purchase page :-)
My heart is going to the Black heels with the silver heel & silver toe cap :-)


  1. Well, it sounds like you had a pretty god experience after all! :-) And the shoe with the silver heel and toe made me drool!!...although I don't know how comfortable it would be to wear!

    1. It was quite good which I was very surprised at. I must admit I probably wouldn't be able to walk in the shoes, probably wouldn't even get my feet in them. They would however still be fantastic just to look at :-)

  2. Love the dress. Love all the shoes the first pair is my favorite but would probably wind up with the second because I can't walk in heels that well.

    1. I must admit I choose the 2nd pair cause I probably wouldn't get my feet into shoe 1 or 3.


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