Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What You Doing Wednesday Week 5

Half way through the week already!

This week is a bit busy.
Hubby is sorting out the fireplace and decorating.

So far this week he has stripped the wall,
knocked a bigger hole where the fireplace is.
He has then cemented the inside walls of the fireplace.
He still has to fit the fire surround.
Tile the inside of the fireplace.
Fit the register plate.
And wallpaper the wall.

I feel blessed to have a hubby that is 
fantastic at DIY.
My dad can't do anything except paint 
so we grew up with having to get people in to do stuff.
It makes such a difference when you have a hubby that can.

This is what the wall looked like before.
the wall has now been knocked so it goes to the end of the piece of granite.

Now the hole is bigger & the wall is stripped.

And the cement is on the walls, inside the fireplace
ready for the tiles.
Sorry about the bad picture but the sun isn't up yet.

I'm afraid my African flower blanket hasn't got any further.
I really need to spend more time on it.

The free pattern that I am in the middle of might not work
I need to see how the next row goes but it might have to be frogged.

I have got an exciting pattern that I have made for a good friend of mine.
I started using someone elses pattern but as I was making it
I changed more and more.
Once my friend has received hers then I try and make myself
another one and then type up the pattern.
I'm really excited about this one as I really like
how it has turned out.

This week I am reading:

I haven't read much of the story yet.
The background of the story
is that it is a true story of a lawyer &
what happens with 2 women
she has met that have been trafficked in America.
What I have read so far is compelling and well written.
The story has gripped me from the start and
really tells it from each of the women's perspectives.

Now take a look at what some other fantastic people are making
& link up what you are making!



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