Monday 9 April 2012

Review Monday Week 3

I hope you are all having a fantastic Easter!


Ours was meant to be a nice relaxing quiet one
but the battery on our car died.
Poor hubby tried to charge it etc
but it wasn't for working so off to the shops he went.
Luckily he knows what he is doing so
bought and fitted a new one.
Thank goodness we have a working car.
Hubby was on the way to the shops to get
some food when it broke down.
After he fixed the car him and Little Red went
shopping as well.

This week I am reviewing a cookie packet mix
a cookie cutter set.

I bought the cookie mix from our local supermarket & cost £1.28

I bought the cookie cutter set from Ebay for £3.69

First I'll look at the cookie mix:

There are pro's and cons to the cookie mix.

Everything is in one bag & all you have to add is an egg, water & oil.
Then mix.
This is really easy for when you are working with younger children
or just want something quick and easy to make.
They only take 10mins to cook
so there is a quick gratification for the work you have put in ;-)
I personally don't enjoy the way they smell.
Everyone really enjoyed the taste and we even had one relative ringing
asking for the recipe.

I would recommend the cookie receipe for the quickness, ease & taste.
I don't like the way they smell but hubby says that is just me.

Cookie Cutters:
Little Red made these with his daddy and used the cookie cutters to shape them.
I find the metal cookie cutters are easy to use, easier to clean
& you can use them with you crafts as well.
The cutters are fantastic for using with
salt dough
needle felting.

After being cut the cookies kept their shape really well.
Here is how they turned out:

As you can see they really kept their shape well.
Ryan also used a dinosaur cutter (hence the extra shapes)
I love the way the shapes came out so well.
Really fun & just the shapes for Easter.

Now it's your turn.
If you have reviewed anything please link below
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