Friday, 13 April 2012

I've made Friday Week 4

Wow I can't believe we are upto week 4 already!
Thank you all for sharing this journey.

I don't have any crocheted items to show you this week
as they are all presents and I can't show you them till they have been given.
You'll just have to wait and see ;-)

Little Red was up at 5am this morning!
Doesn't he realise there should only be one 5 in a day and it isn't in the morning.
The worst thing is he is all cheerful and happy and bouncy!

I had a bit of a downer on Wednesday!
I got attacked on facebook.
I had posted a link to the Pattern Post on Tuesday
to a group to see if anyone wanted to know about it.
I got verbal abuse off someone.
I left the group after leaving a short message to say why I was leaving.
I thought that would be an end to it but no they then posted on my wall with more abuse.
I replied and yet again thought that was the end of it.
Another message was then posted attacking some of the guest bloggers.
That was enough! I wasn't taking anymore chances.
I emailed the person directly warning them to stop and then blocked them from contacting me.
I am hoping this is the end to the situation but it does leave a question.

Is it ok to post a link to your blog on a facebook group?
This is my reasoning behind why I do:
I only usually post links to guest bloggers or free patterns i.e. Tues post
I have been added to nearly 100 groups so can't interact with them all.
I only have so much energy so the blog comes 1st & this way I can interact with more people.
I do have my own group where I allow everyone to post anything as long as it's to do with crochet:

What do you think?

Also how much do you think is a fair price to pay for a crochet pattern?

Now I may not have any crochet to finish but I do have the Easter Decorations that Little Red Made:

We haven't decorated them all as we wanted to do different types of decoration on different days.
Little Red painted them all himself.
I know they won't look as good as they could but I love having things that
he made all by himself.
If you want to see how we made them:

Also go and take a look because I've been featured:

I have finished one book this week but you'll have to wait till
Monday as I've used it for my "Review Monday".
I am still reading Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.
If you like a Vampire book I would highly recommend this series.
I'll tell you more once I have finished it.

Now go and take a look at what some things other people have been making
& Link up what you have been making
Don't forget to spread the word and put the button on your post:


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