Friday, 20 April 2012

I've Made Friday Week 5

Well another working week over.
The weekend beginnings :-)
I hope you are all enjoying the new journey we are on.
I'm loving connecting to you all.

This week I've been making Nelson The Owl
I got this pattern from:
This is what he should look like:

Now in this my Nelson:

Honestly I wouldn't make another one.
There isn't anything wrong with the pattern.
I'm just a lazy crocheter & I hate changing yarn colour all the time.
I also had to concentrate the whole time so that I remembered
to crochet in the back loop.
The amount of times I had to frog frustrated me.
That was my fault not the patterns.
I think in the future I may re-stuff him.
The stuffing I have isn't a good quality and it makes a big difference.
A lot better ones have been made than mine.
I am sure Little Red will love him :-)
It's a good pattern to follow
& it does look good when it's finished.

This week I have been reading:
Only the Innocent By Rachel Abbot.

I loved this book!!!!!
I'm only just getting back into reading & i can't always manage it
but this book was really enjoyable.
The story is based around DCI Tom Douglas
a man that gets found dead in suspicious circumstances.
As the story moves along new characters are brought in
and new twists to the story.
If you love a good murder mystery you'll love this book.
I did find a few parts of the story obvious but
the little twists & turns helped balance that out.
I really enjoyed the different personalities and the reasons
why they became who they were.
I would of liked to know a little more about a few
of the characters and what was happening to them but
I also think the path the story followed wouldn't of been the same if they had.

I'm joining in with Friendship Friday.
This week's question is:
Question Of The Week
What are you passionate about?
Share what inspires and moves you!
I am passionate about:
My Family

The world inspires me but also the way my son looks at the world.
Seeing the way a child sees the world opens new things that you wouldn't normally notice.

Friends Of The Week
from Lazy Daisy Crochet

Now it's time to join in.
Go and see what other people have been making
& come and join in and show us what you've been making.
It doesn't have to be crochet or knitted, we love
seeing anything you made.



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