Wednesday 28 December 2011

WIP Wednesday 28/12/11

Good afternoon all!

Today is a good day and I think you are going to be shocked by todays WIP.  If you've read my previous WIPs you will remember my good old friend the elephant hat.  Today will the last day that he will appear on my WIPs!

Yes he is a step forward and I am hoping to get him finished today!  I wanted to get him finished before the end of the year and I have managed it (I can't wait for you to see him finished on FO Friday).

We are having a chill out time at home.   hubby was back at work today so Ryan spent the day playing, watching movies.  It was a perfect day after all the hectic goings on over Christmas.

I have one more order to make and then I can start my crochet along's and my african flower hexagon blanket.

I also need to find the easiest mitten pattern as I want to make mittens for the orphaned children in South Africa.  The orphanages home children who have lost both parents to aids.  I have been in contact with them and they say they really need mittens and hats for the children in the winter.  I am also planning on finding a simple teddy pattern and make some teddies for next christmas for them. 

So instead of making new years resolutions I am making a make it list.

Are you making any new year resolutions this year/ making a make it list?

Hope you've all had a good Christmas!

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  1. The elephant is going to be amazing. And sounds like your other projects are going to be really worth while too :)

  2. what a lovely idea to send mittens to south africa.
    Perhaps you could share the details and the others can join in too.

  3. Can't wait to see the hat! I love animal hats! I need to make a Yoda one

  4. Re South Africa: I am just looking into how to set things up to send items to the orphange. I have managed to contact someone and they would be happy to receive the items. I'm thinking of setting up a website so that people can learn about it and join in if they want.

  5. Oooh the elephant is looking cute already! Can't wait to see him finished. I'd also be interested in seeing the details about sending things to the orphanage.

  6. Looks great so far! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished hat.

  7. The elephant is looking awesome! Can't wait to see the FO.


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