Friday, 23 December 2011

FO Friday 23/12/11

Wow can't believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow.

I've nearly finished my christmas presents but not quite.

I finished one for my son today but as he wasn't well he got it before christmas.

He only has a cough and a cold but it's not nice to be under the weather at christmas.

It isn't my best work as it's a bad cfs week but Little Red (my son) loves him.

I even put the banana on a button so that little red can take him off the monkey if he wants.

I think on christmas day I'll be making a christmas hat for him :-)
I got the pattern from:

It's my brothers 1st christmas with his girlfriend.  To celebrate I'm making them a full set of my christmas decorations.  I've got some of them made just got a few left to go. Below is a picture of what they should look like when I've finished.

This will be my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful time.  I hope your time is full of love and family!

I would like to say thank you to all my readers.  This year I learnt to crochet (feb), felt very isolated and then learnt about a world full of a new accepting family.  You have filled my life with joy and made such a difference!  Now whenever someone small minded makes fun of me making things I just laugh.  I now understand it's them that is small minded and missing out on a fantasic life!

I can't wait for the next year and reading about all the wonderful things you are doing!



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