Sunday 4 December 2011

Celebrating this time of year

Whilst reading other peoples blogs I have learnt about a number of celebrations/traditions around this time of year.  Today I learnt about Saint Barbaras day.  I found out about it on:

You take a "twig" (cutting) of a fruit tree, put it in a jar of water and keep it inside the house.  I have put ours next to our Christmas tree.  As it's in the warm it should bud around Christmas.  As the weather here has been milder than usual ours already has leaves on but am hoping we might get a couple of buds.

The Branch is in the bottom left hand corner.

I'm sorry to the bloggers that I have taken these traditions from but I can't remember which ones I found them on.

The first on is the elf.  I made my elf and my son named him Hotsy.
Each morning my son wakes up and goes looking for where he is this morning.
Hotsy watches him each day to see if he is being good or naughty (yes it works a treat)
and then each night when he is in bed he uses his magic and goes and tells Santa.

I haven't started this one yet but I want to make a thank you tree with my son.
You either take real branches or you can make them.  Then cut out leaf shapes.
On each leaf you put what you are thankful for.
I want to do this for my son as sometimes he doesn't realise how lucky we are!
He isn't well at the moment so we haven't started it yet but I might start it on Wednesday if he is feeling better.

On Christmas eve (I took this one from a friend at work) Santa acidentally drops a present down the chimney.  We usually wait till my son is out of the room.  If you don't have a chimney and the weather isn't too bad my friend gets someone to ring some bells outside (out of site) so the child goes to the window and then throws the present as though it has fallen from the sleigh.  The present is a new set of pajamas.  This means in the pictures of Christmas morning they are wearing a nice new set of pj's.

We always have the tradition that each child gets a board-game on Christmas day.  On the day as many people as possible in the family play with the children.  This way it makes sure it's a family day that everyone joins in.

On Christmas day, after the dinner and in the afternoon when everyone is getting a bit bored and tired Santa comes with a "late delivery".  My Grandad started this one. My Grandad used to pretend to go to the toilet.  Get the parcel, run round, put the parcel in the porch and ring the bell and run.  He would then go into the loo, flush the toilet and come in saying "Oh has Santa been?"  The importnat things to know about this parcel is:
Each present is something fun and silly so it makes everyone smile.
Keep spare presents in as who ever is in the house gets one (no matter who as it's the tradition)
On the box there is a message saying sorry I forgot to leave this love Santa.

for examples of things we get:
Fishing game
toilet paper with quizes on
choclate games that can be eaten once played.

I haven't this year as I have only found out about the charity recently but I'm hoping next year to make at least a couple of teddies to send to orphans in South Africa.  I was born in South Africa and had a nanny that I would love to contact but am unable to.  Nanny Ellen was fantastic and I wish she could see the person I have turned into.  I am lucky with the life I lead and would like to give something back.  I already donate hats to raffles for local charities but I would like to give something back to the country I was born in.  Due to HIV & Aids many children are orphaned and I hope that if I manage to give a teddy I will be able to make a childs Christmas a little bit special.

We usual do the usual advent calendars etc but I want to add some more special traditions that can make us think about this time of year and think of other people.

Do you have any special traditions this time of year?

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  1. Hi Susan! Thanks for the comment on my post, it's great that you've cut some Barbara's twigs, I hope the buds will open for you until Christmas! It sounds like you're really enjoying the Christmas seasons, those traditions are great! My boyfriend and I've got another special tradition: each year we buy a special Christmas Ornament (usually a ball or something) for our tree. So far, we've got five special baubles for five special years and have to buy the sixth one now - maybe one day we'll have a whole tree full of special ornaments :) Maybe I'll blog about this around Christmas and show some pictures.

    Have a great week!


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