Sunday, 11 December 2011

I've been knitting :)

Wow I have started to learn to knit.  My son was staying with his Nana last night so whilst it was quiet I decided to give it a go.  Now it took a couple of goes to get started without dropping stitches, I've made a few mistakes but I don't think I'm doing too bad seen as it's my first go:

Yes i can see all the mistakes when you take a look at it.  I will probably frog it and try again but I am feeling a little more confident at learning than I have previously.  I think learning to crochet might of helped me :-)

On another note I'd like you to take a look at another website:

Each post you get to learn about wonderful patterns free & $$ that Tara has found.  The patterns she finds are fantastic and the site it well worth a look.  I have already joined and look forward to each post.



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