Friday 2 December 2011

FO Friday 02/12/11

Sorry this posting is so late today but I'm getting ready for my first Christmas Fair.

Anyway it's finish off Friday.  click on the link below to view some other peoples fantastic finished projects.

As it is my sons school christmas fair tomorrow I've been making a few Christmas Decorations.
I have put them on charm loops so the children can use them as phone and/or bag charms as well as decorations.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow, I'm a bit nervous.





The set

I am hoping to type up the patterns for these as a group soon!

Hope you are having a good Friday


  1. Goodness! These are really cute! They're perfect gifts this holiday...

  2. Very cute, I think the penguins are my favourites

  3. Your ornaments are so cute! The penguin is my favorite as well. I hope the children loved them!


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