Friday 6 November 2015

Whip Up Mini Quilts ~ Chronicle Books ~ Book Review

Whip Up Mini Quilts
by Kathleen Ricketson

ISBN: 978-0811868730
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: 1st July 2010
RRP: $24.95


I bought "Whip Up Mini Quilts" 
as I wanted to practice my new quilting 
skills & expand on them.
This book is perfect for that.
Not only do you get detailed directions 
to make each of the projects,
you also get the fundamentals of quilting
and step-by-step instructions.

The quilts offer something for every level of crocheter.
They range from simple to more challenging.

The thing I love about this book is it has
been carefully designed to be useful
and practical.
The cover is hard backed with an envelope
on the inside which holds all the patterns.
The actual book itself is ring bound
so it's easy to keep the page open whilst
you are working on your quilt.

The book starts with an introduction and information
on small quilts.
You then have a short history on quilting as well
as directions of how to use the book.
Next the book moves onto how to select your
fabrics for the projects.
You then move onto the tools you will need
and what you will need before you start.

The book then moves onto making the quilts.
The start is how to make the quilt top.
The different shapes and methods used.
You also have information on appliques
and how they can be used on quilts.

Next you learn the stitches you can use
when hand sewing.
Each of the stitches have clear instructions
and illustrations to help.

The book then brings you onto the section
to teach you how to prepare for making quilts.
All the information so far is full of things
that you need to know for making any quilt.

The section about quilting includes information
on hand quilting and machine quilting.
It covers everything including binding.

I couldn't believe how much information was
covered in this book.
It even includes how to display and care for your quilt.
It doesn't seem like anything has been forgotten.

Each of the projects includes detailed instructions
as well as illustrations to help you.
The difficulty is clearly marked on each project
and details which techniques you will need
to use for each quilt.

The quilts are varied from everything from a
basic quilt design to picture quilting.
There are ones for different rooms of the house
including ones for children.

The information held within the book will
be techniques you will use time and again.

I can't wait to get started on my first project.

A well thought out book with an amazing
amount of information.


I purchased this book myself.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.


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