Friday 6 November 2015

I've Made Friday Week 174

Good Morning everyone!
I hope your week is going well.
I hope you are looking forward to the weekend.

Wow what a week.
It seems to have rushed by so fast.
I can't believe we are already in November.

I have managed to finish my Christmas shopping.
I've had to do a lot of resting so I've put it
to good use and spent lots of money.
I am super pleased as it means that
I have loads of time to get all the wrapping done.

I haven't managed to finish as much as I wanted
to over the last two weeks.
(sorry I wasn't here last week but I was in hospital).

I made a full set of items from Lion Brand Homespun.
I started with a pocketed scarf

Then I moved onto a matching hat

Then fingerless gloves.
Yes one is longer, it's the one where I have my walking stick.
I need more of that hand covered as it gets cold.

Then I made a twisted headband
to match.

I'm afraid there aren't any patterns.
I just made very basic items and made them up as I went.

I also made a plastic bag holder.
It makes everything much tidier.

It doesn't look very pretty
but it's hung up and keeping all my bags tidy.

Things are all up in the air after being in hospital.
It started because my heart was at 127 beats per min
when I was at rest.
It felt think my heart was beating out of my chest.
I also had chest, arm and jaw pain.
I took my gtn spray but it didn't do anything.
They called an ambulance for me and then the
fun began.
I had an ecg and was given a stronger tablet to the gtn.
The pain then stopped but I still needed an
investigation to check that I hadn't had a heart attack.
It was 10pm when they came for me so I was
very tired and I couldn't even remember how old I was.
I had a chest x-ray, they took my bloods and
they said they would take my bloods in another 6 hours.
They said once they had given me some aspirin I could
go to the ward.
It took till 2:30am for me to get the aspirin
and then it was onto the ward.
I had already been asked all the questions
by the paramedics, then a&e and then I was asked
again on the ward.
It was 3am, people were trying to sleep and they
wanted all the details of my dr and my next of kin etc.
Then is was another ecg, blood pressure etc.
Then I was given monitors for my heart for the entire night.
This meant 4 different sets of clips stuck on me.
They were everywhere from my ankles to my chest.
It seemed such a waste to put a new set on
each time they did again.
I finally got to sleep about 4am and then at 5:30am
they woke me up again.
More bloods and then breakfast.
A couple of pieces of toast later I was informed
my tests were normal so they would probably
send me home after dr's rounds.
There had been an incident over night so rounds
was a bit late.
I finally was seen about 12pm only to be
told they wanted the consultant to see me.
I saw him just as I was eating my lunch.
He said I don't have angina, I was mis-diagnosed.
I do however have a fast heart rate from my medication.
I was aware of one of them and it turns out there
was actually 3 of them causing the symptoms.
The consultant thinks that the chest and arm pain
is from a trapped nerve in my spinal cord.
A bit scary but a lot better than having problems with
my heart.
Re my heart rate I just have to lie down and rest
when it starts speeding up.
The meds will continue to put me at risk of it.
The good news is he said my heart is really healthy.
Once he left I then had to see a dr to run nuro tests.
Yes I have problems with my left side which I knew
about and there is a possibility the consultant is right.
At 3:30pm I finally got discharged.
Luckily my brother had come to visit so he took
me home.
I did realise over it all that sometimes I am too
practical for my own good.
I got everything ready to go to hospital,
then rang for the ambulance.
Told hubby not to worry and I would text him
once I knew what was happening.
I didn't let anyone else know as I didn't want
them to have a disturbed night.
I told hubby and son not to visit until they knew I
was coming home.
I thought Red Monster would get upset if he
had to leave me in hospital.
He was upset enough by me not being there when
he woke up in the morning.
My dad was out with church so I didn't contact him
and my mum was at home with my gran
without any transport.
I let my brother know but I wasn't expecting a visit.
He was already on his way back from somewhere
so him, his wife and my niece came to visit me.
I wasn't expecting them to and I have to admit
it made my day.
I was practical about everyone else and I knew
it was the right thing to do but it didn't change
the fact I was on my own in hospital.
I don't think my brother will ever know how much
it meant for him to visit.

Now on a happier note :-)

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