Friday 27 November 2015

The Patchsmith's Animal and Pet Mug Rugs ~ Book Review

The Patchsmith's
Animal and Pet Mug Rugs
by Amanda Weatherill

ISBN: 9781508436584
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 19 Mar. 2015
RRP: £10.39


I am new to quilting and as soon as I saw
this book I knew I wanted to have it.
I have not been disappointed.

Amanda has designed a mix of fun
and colourful mug rugs.
There are ten different designs
held within the book.
They are mini quilts so are perfect for
a quick fix.

I'm making some for my house and some
as gifts for family and friends.
I already have a list of everyone's requests
that have seen the book.

The designs are fun and can be altered
to match your decor. 
The designs also cover different celebrations
throughout the year.

The projects are;
Spring Lambs
Spring Chicken
Scottie Dogs
Red Elephants
Black & White Cats
Two Owls
Christmas Antlers

The book starts with general instructions.
It's well worth reading these before you start.
There are step-by-step guidelines to make
the projects easier for you.

I love the fact that she gives you ideas
that will make your quilts cheaper to make.
One of them is you don't have to use wadding
or batting to quilt your mug rugs with.

The tips are really useful and I love the fact
that there are step-by-step illustrations
and pictures to help as well.

At the start of each project there are details
of all the fabric you will need for the project.

The instructions are clear and easy to understand.
You can also find help at and more
of her patterns at Amanda's website.

Each of the projects includes the templates
to make each of the mug rugs.

The designs are such great fun.
I know I'll be making lots of them. 
I highly recommend this book!


I purchased the book myself.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.

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  1. I would love to have this book. Guess I better start a list. 😉


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