Thursday 11 June 2015

MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer ~ Product Review

MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer

It amazes me how much technology moves on.
This little piece of kit just shows how something so little
can offer so much!

From this little thing you can get;
Heart Rate Monitor 
and calorie tracker!

All you have to do is fit the sensor to your bike
and the magnet that records your speed etc. to
the wheel of your bike.

As the magnet moves passed the sensor it can calculate how fast you are going.
What distance you have covered and therefore calculate how
many calories etc you have used.


The little computer has a holder that fits onto the front of your bike,
on the handle bars.
It's easy to fit in and out so you don't have to always keep it on your bike.

Then it's just a case of putting the heart rate monitor around your chest.
The strap easily adjusts and it is comfy to wear.

You need to add your details to the computer
such as weight etc.
This is so that it can accurately calculate the calories used. 

It's easy to use and even includes a clock so you can see what time it is.
You can choose which view you want to see on the screen.

It features a resilient, water resistant design that can withstand 
the different elements of nature cyclists must endure during cycling trips.

The transmission from the sensor to the computer is wireless so you don't have to
worry about getting wires in the way.

The sensor and the computer holder are easily fitted with tie wraps
and once secure stay in place.

I found it easy to use and hubby found it really easy to fit.
In no time you'll be seeing how many calories you can burn :-)

I received the product to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.

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