Wednesday 27 May 2015

Set Your World On Flowers ~ Product Review


I have been lucky enough to be asked to review
these beautiful flowers.

I must admit since I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
my garden is one of the things that has been left
to grow to weeds.
Hubby will mow the lawn but he doesn't like gardening
as he has really bad hay-fever.
I on the other hand have always loved gardening.
My first memories with my dad and grandad
are being out in the garden with them.

This was just after we moved into our last house in South Africa
and my dad and grandad were deciding what they wanted to do
with the garden.

Now back to the flowers :-)
The whole point of these flowers is they don't take any work.
They are no fuss flowers that bring you beauty
without the hassle.
From now till September they will flower for you.

They have a few different variety and colours of flower to chose from:

Come rain or shine I’ll be overflowing with bright 
and beautiful flowers loved by British butterflies.


My bright and scented blooms are a breath of fresh air. 
My mission is to brighten up windowsills and outside spaces countrywide.

I love the unpredictable British summer – 
when I’m in bloom I get so covered in flowers I can hardly see my own stems.

They are trying our secret formula with 
other beautiful varieties. 
Keep an eye out for their latest Limited Editions.

The brilliant thing is the only thing you
need to do to keep them looking so beautiful
is to water them.
Apart from that they take care of themselves.

We decided that they were so nice we wanted to show them off.
So we bought some planters and set about planting them.
It was just a case of filling the pot with compost
and digging a hole for the plant to fit in.



The first set Lavender-Vein Petti & Star-Rose Petti
we planted together in one planter.
Red Monster's butterflies love them so much they keep coming back.


Next we planted up the Rose-Splash & Hot-Pink Geri.
I love how bright they look and how the different colours
work together.

The planters are now next to my outside couch,
It's in a nice protected space so even when it's windy
it feels beautifully warm.
The flowers have made so much of a difference to the space!

It's a week since I received my plants
and they are still looking amazing.
Even the butterflies love them and keep coming back :-).
Red Monster loves this fact as the last time we had
butterflies they flew off to be never seen again.
This time we get to see them on the flowers
and see how they are doing.

 Now you may wonder why you would buy these
flowers over others.
The reason is they have been grown using a 
secret formula that gives them all the good stuff 
they need to stay bold and beautiful
from now until September. 
(In fact, it's so secret there's a patent pending.)

I'll keep posting pictures giving an
update of how the plants are doing.
You can find them on my instagram page.

You can also check out more pictures
on their Instagram page.

I received the product to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.


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