Wednesday 6 May 2015

Join In the International Wall @ Westhoughton Yarn Bombing Festival

Yarn Bombing Festival
4th July 2015

Do you get excited by making things
and joining in?
Well here is how You can help.
We want to create an


I'm going to try and design one this week
and you can either follow my design
or make your own.
The decision is all yours.

Here is a search on Ravelry
these are just some of the amazing
free crochet patterns that you can find.

They can be crocheted, knitted, felted
or any yarn craft.

Just add your name & where you come from 
on a label attached to yours.
We will photograph them as they come in
and as they appear on the day.

I will post them here on my blog
& on the Facebook Page

Here are just some of the things 
that are currently being made by the 
who have set-up the festival



Schools and businesses in the area are joining in.
People are decorating the main street
as well as buildings, homes etc.
There will be entertainment, craft fair
and many other fun things on the day.

If this year is a success
then this may become a yearly event
expanding and more fun each year.

So if you want to be part of the event
contact me by email
susand1408 at gmail dot com
or join the group



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