Thursday 14 May 2015

Chemist Direct ~ Product Review

A website you'll want to visit.
As someone who has a number of different conditions
medication can become very expensive!!
Chemist Direct is here to help you to buy
it as cost effective as possible
yet still buying your favorite brands.

The brilliant thing is as well not only
can you buy medication from the site you can
buy so much more;
Vitamins & supplements
Holiday Essentials
Pet Health
Health & Well-being.

The other fantastic thing is you can also
purchase prescriptions from the site and 
get them delivered direct to your door.
All you do is fill in the details online,
send them your original prescription
and they will send your items direct to your door.

They even offer an online doctor for a consultation as well!

I love the fact we can also get our veterinary 
prescriptions for cheaper as well.
The vets are charging so much!
Benji has ear problems. He is gluten intolerant,
this means he produces too much wax
which his ears can't deal with and the skin
gets sore.
Normally we buy ear drops from the vets
They cost us from £15 - £25
where as we paid £2.24 on Chemist Direct.

They also offer amazing bulk buys
which offer an even better discount!
Lynx Dry Africa Anti...
buying 6 pack of sprays
RRP: £17.94
Chemist Direct's Price: £14.75

I was amazed by how much you could purchase
for the price!
Everything we bought was cheaper
than both the supermarket and the local chemist.
Over the year this is going to translate
into a huge difference in price.

They had everything I needed and could want.
They have everything from skin care products
to test kits.

I received my package quickly and everything was packed well.

I was amazed how much I could get for an amazing price!

All of this came to just over £50.
I saved £13.03
on the recommended retail price.

Why don't you check out the 
website and see how much you could save!!

You can also find them on;

I received a voucher towards to the purchase of the products.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.


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