Thursday 12 March 2015

Thursday Handmade Love Week 107

I'm going to try and start doing Thursday Handmade Love again.

I decided as Easter is just around the corner
I would start with Rabbits.

Etsy Sewing Pattern;
Rabbit Pattern - recycling raggedy rabbits, brilliant to reccyle your denims

Rabbit pattern:  "Fresh Dug Carrots" #616  Bounce, mini mohair rabbit pattern (digital sewing patter for download)

Etsy Cross-Stitch Patterns

Cute little rabbit. Cross Stitch Pattern. PDF Files. Bunny Rabbit Cross Stitch Pattern Digital Download Instant Needlepoint PDF Instant download Machine Embroidery design Cross stitch  rabbit  and heart

Etsy Knitting Patterns:
Easter Bunny Rabbit Knitting Pattern, PDF 3 Knitting Patterns/Tearoom Bunnies/ PDF Knitting Patterns/ Bunny Collection/ Plus FREE 'Handmade Shoes' Knittinig Pattern/ INSTANT Download Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern,Easter Bunny, Crochet Bunny,Crochet Rabbit Pattern,Crochet Bunny Toy,Crochet Toy Pattern Instant Download PDF

Etsy Crochet Patterns:
Ernie And Esther Rabbits Crochet Pattern PDF Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi Crochet Pattern PDF Instant Download - Benedict cushion crochet intarsia pattern bunny rabbit pillow graph pattern chart photo tutorial woodland animal crochet pattern

Ravelry Knitting Patterns;

Polkaetsy_small2 Rabbit_beanie_small2 11_small2

Ravelry Free Knitting Patterns:
Dscn0880_small2 Dscn3030_small2_small2_medium_small2 4479534698_4440a1c23f_n

Ravlery Crochet Patterns:
100_1155_small2 Finse_small2 Bunny1_small2

Ravlery Free Crochet Patterns:

Tavsanlar_medium Crochet_bunny_free_pattern_1_medium Op_bunny_lg_small2


  1. Love the next to the last bunny. I make my kiddos some of these and they still love them.

    1. They are super cute aren't they. I must make little red one. I cheated this time and bought a cuddly toy - tut tut ;-)


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