Wednesday 18 March 2015

Power Theory 10000mAh Power Bank ~ Product Review

Power Theory
10000mAh Power Bank


We are so dependent on electronic products
these days and one of the problems with this
is keeping them powered up.

This is where this Power Theory Power Bank
can resolve all those issues.
This is a really easy item to use and it's
a fantastic size to carry with you.

It's super easy to charge.
It's just a case of plugging it into a usb charger
and off you go.
The little blue light moves whilst it's charging
and once it's complete all the lights stay lit up.

The box comes with everything you need.
From multiple cable ends to the power bank
and instructions.

Here is what power theory say about their product;

STUNNING ULTRA-SLIM FUNCTIONAL DESIGN size (132x82x14mm) and weight (200g) 


By using premium ultra-thin lithium polymer battery packs we were able to drastically shrink the width and weight of our powerbank.

DUAL USB PORTS + 3 IN 1 USB CABLE - With two powerful USB ports you can quickly charge two phones or even a phone and tablet at the same time. We have also included a useful 3 in 1 USB cable that means you are always ready to charge any device no matter if it is an iPhone 4, 5, 6 or any Android phone. This is the perfect power bank for business, traveling, festivals and to all those people who play video games on the train commute to work. ☺

HONEST TRUTH ABOUT BATTERY CAPACITY. We believe in our product and also in educating you the customer. As we mentioned we use a lithium polymer battery that is safer and performs better compared to lithium ion (li-ion) batteries found in cheaper power banks. When you transfer this power from the charger to the smartphone a certain amount of energy is lost in the process. Most power banks (including ours) perform at around 70% of their rated capacity. This means our device can still mostly charge even the most demanding iPhone or Android phone or tablet.The PowerCard works great for iPhone 6 5S 5C 5 4s 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2, Note 4 3, HTC One M8 Desire, Google Nexus 5 6, LG G3, Motorola Moto G X, Sony, Huawei and other Smartphones and Tablets that can be charged via USB

IRONCLAD GUARANTEE - It is simple. As a small business owner, we pride ourselves in making sure that each and every customer of ours ends up 100% happy with their purchase. You have an issue with one of our products and we will fix it or 100% money back! Just check our 100% User Feedback Score!

Now your question is, is what they say true?

My quick answer is yes!

Little Red often forgets to charge his
tablet and phone.
He only realizes when he is trying to use it and
it's run out of power.
Previously everyone would have to swap places
so that he could charge and use them.
Not anymore, he uses the brilliant power bank
and he can take it where he wants.

Mr D. often has to go for days away with business.
Normally he has to pack a plug and he can't charge
his phone till he gets back to his hotel.
Not anymore. He can charge his phone where ever 
and when ever he wants.

We are going on holiday and would normally take
multiple chargers for all our different electronic goods.
Now we are just taking the charger and one usb plug.
We can charge two things at once. 
With the multiple ends to the cables we can 
charge most things.
We've already charged 3 different mobile phones,
An ipod and a tablet.
All charged quickly and could be used whilst being charged.

This is such a fantastic useful product.
It's light and easy to use.
Once you have one you won't know
how you lived without one.

We are gadget geeks in our house
and we love this gadget :-)


I received the product to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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