Tuesday 3 March 2015


Me and Little Red have had the most amazing
half term.
We've had such fun and this magician's trick set has been a huge
part of that!

You will be amazed what you get in this one box.

Tobar have put together the most amazing
collection of tricks that most children (and adults)
will be able to perform.

Little Red is at the moment trying to learn the tricks
off by heart so he can put together his own magic show.

As soon as you open the box you are amazed with the
amount of tricks and props that are held within.

Within the box is also included full instructions
to help you learn each of the tricks.
There are pictures to help you on your way as well.

The instructions make it easy for you to understand
how to perform the tricks.

Little Red struggles with his dyslexia
but after showing him what to do a few times
he soon understood the trick.

I couldn't recommend this set enough.
There is so much packed in that will keep
everyone entertained for hours.

Little Red is currently learning the cup and balls kit.
He has it mesmerized but he wants to make sure
he can do it perfectly before showing it to all the family.

He is planning his own magic show.

I am completely amazed by this kit.
I am also amazed by how easy it each to follow each of the tricks.
Some may take a little more learning than others
but each of the tricks are quick enough to keep any child entertained.

You'll be seeing lots more of this toy!
Little Red keeps wanting to get it out and play with it!

I received the product to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.

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