Wednesday 30 July 2014

Symprove - Product Review

Live & Activated Bacteria

1 in 5 of us don't have enough ...
friendly bacteria in our guts.

As an IBS suffer I struggle to get live bacteria
as I am unable to eat any diary products.
At last there is a product out there that I can take.

The brilliant thing is not only is it diary free it's also gluten free.

Every morning before breakfast (on an empty stomach)
you drink a measured amount.
You wait five minutes and you can then eat and drink normally.

The measured amount is taken by the amount you weigh.
This means you are receiving the correct amount to
aid your body.

I have IBS so am always wary that it will set it off.
Previously when I have taken friendly bacteria 
I've had a bad reaction and had very bad IBS attacks.
Not anymore!
Symprove is so gentle I haven't had a single attack since I started taking it!!!
I would say that Symprove has helped my IBS and 
is having a fantastic effect on my digestion.

Many people have to take antibiotics. 
The big problem with this is all your friendly bacteria
is killed off as well.
With Symprove you can easily resolve this issue.

It's a fantastic easy way to make sure
you gut is healthy and to aid your body.
It's an easy thing to add to your daily routine.

Whilst I'm putting my breakfast together I just
drink my amount for the day and then off I go.
Just five minuets and I've got a healthy gut.

 it is the ONLY drink containing live multi-strain bacteria 
with its own high-speed Unique Delivery System (UDS™). 
This means Symprove can transport its unique strains of friendly bugs to your gut unharmed, 
without upsetting them (or your digestion) in the process. 

The 4 strains of live bacteria in Symprove come from the Lactobacilli family 
and these particular strains are unique to Symprove. 
They include L. rhamnosus, L. plantarum, 
L. acidophilus and E. faecium. 
They are naturally-occurring on extract of germinated barley.

It is recommended when you first start taking Symprove you 
take it for 3 months.
I'll be taking it and I want to carry it on longer.
If by taking it everyday I can reduce my IBS symptoms
then it's worth every penny.

So what are you waiting for?
Why don't you give it a go:

I received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
I am not medically trained and if you require
further medical information please contact your GP.
I received no monies for the post.


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