Sunday 13 July 2014

Beginner's Guide to Creating with Clay ~ Book Review

Beginner's Guide to Creating with Clay
By Becky Meverden's
Available in eBook and Book format from 

I love learning new crafts and clay is something I've
worked with before but never utilised as much as I should of.

This book takes you through everything you need to know
so you can start utilising all sorts of different types of clay
to create beautiful projects.

You learn all the techniques you'll need from blending colours making beads.
All the instructions are clear and easy to understand, 
they also have pictures to help you to understand easier.

The book shows you how to use different colours
to get different effects.

Once you have learnt each of the different techniques
you can utilise this knowledge by making some
amazing projects.

Not only do you learn how to make jewellery and beads,
you also learn how to make beautiful items for around you house.

You will be amazed by what can be created with clay
and the quantity of projects included in the book.
I'm not showing you them all here as there are just so many.

I love the use of other materials to get amazing effects with the clay.
You would never guess that you had made them yourself.

The use of colour and textures is amazing.
You can just get so many fantastic effects with clay.

They would make fantastic gifts for any age range!

And what better way to keep all your crafty things together
than making yourself your own pot.
You can decorate it to yours tastes, colours and decor.

Overall this book has soo much to offer.
Not only are you learning everything you could possibly need
to know you are also getting projects to put these
skills into action.

Fantastic book well worth the price.

Available in eBook and Book format from

I was received a copy of the eBook to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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