Friday 18 July 2014

I've Made Friday Week 112

Morning everyone.
I hope you are all having a good week.

I'm afraid I have no pictures for you today.
My external harddrive that I have all my data
on has died :-(.
I can safely remove it from my notebook
but I can't see any of the data.

I did have pictures of the shawl I had finished
but they'll have to wait till I get it sorted.

Little Red has his last day at school today.
He is finishing for 6 weeks of summer holidays.
I'm an evil mum and have bought loads of workbooks
and reading books as well as science experiments.

Hubby's shed got delivered yesterday so he
has his week all planned sorting the old sheds out
and then destroying them before putting his new shed up.

I'm so excited by this summer!
I will miss the peace and quiet!

I'm still reading my book so that will have to
wait till it's finished.
It is really depressing me!
The subject is such an open minefield and based on facts.
It's all about the extinction of human kind if we carry
on growing like we are.
The earth only has so much resources and at the pace
we are growing it could be the end of human kind within
a century!
Very scary.  One line is if you had the choice to flick
a switch and half the population would die but you
save mankind would you?
You don't know who would die including yourself.
If not everyone dies within a 100 years?
Which would you do?

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