Friday 4 July 2014

Edible Sweet Art ~ Product Review


I love fun things that Little Red can either do on his own
or we can do together.
Especially with it being summer holiday season
it's fantastic to find things are fun
and can fill in time.

Everything you need to make the models is included in the pack.
  • You receive yellow & blue sweet dough.
  • A mini rolling pin for shaping your dough with.
  • Cornflour if you need to make the dough dryer or stop it from sticking to the rolling pin.
  • A paintbrush to add features with.
  • Full Instructions
  • Dough ball size guide for each of the pieces.

When you first get the dough out of the packets it slightly tough.
As soon as you start squishing it, it softens.

We used a chopping board on the dinning room table.
It was easy to clean and a good flat surface for Little Red to
work on.

Once you've got the dough to the right texture it's time to get mixing
and getting the right size balls you will need for each of the pieces.


Little Red really enjoyed putting the blue and yellow together
and it turning to green.
It took quite a bit of mixing but he loved the fact you could see
it changing so quickly.
It's a fantastic way of showing kids how 2 colours can make a 3rd.

Once you have your different sized balls of dough you
can start making the shapes and putting the frog together.

The brilliant thing is you get enough to make 2 of them
or you can use the extra dough to make other things.


It wasn't hugely messy and Little Red had great fun.

Then after having all that fun making it you get to eat it.
The dough was flavoured with lemon
so it tastes quite good as well.

The brilliant thing about the sets if you can get lots more than frogs.
There are loads of different sets to choose from.
They are great fun, if your child is old enough to play with play dough
then they are old enough to have a go at these.
There isn't too much mess and kids love eating them afterwards.


I would highly recommend this product
that most ages of children (and adults)
can have fun with :-)

I received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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