Wednesday 22 March 2017

What You Doing Wednesday Week 210

How is your week going?

I did actually write this post last night
but the blogger app on my phone wouldn't work.
In the end even though I had saved it,
it lost it!

The weather is awful here today.

The water breaking up is through all
the rain lashing down onto it.
We should be grateful, places near us have
snow and/or hail.

I'm afraid I haven't made much this week.
I have started a course on Craftsy.

I am doing the:

I have only just started so don't think 
you'll see anything spectacular.
The other thing is these drawings are done 
not looking at the paper.
You have to look at the item you are drawing 
and move your hand
to what you see but not look at your paper.

Can you at least tell what I was drawing?
A Pear
I don't think it was too bad as I wasn't looking
at what I was drawing.
I also feel I must have got the general shape
as a few of them are very similar.
I'm afraid I am not going to show the others I did
as they were awful.
As soon as you put a straight line in the drawing
my left is always a lot shorter than my right side.

I have been making Red Monster a little something.
I had a tin that I had given him with a little bear
in a bed in.
He never really played with it so I decided to make
him something that he might play with more.

I made him a Pokemon Charmander.
It has a piece of meat and bone to eat,
a bowl to put it in, a ball and a poke-ball.
I am making it a bed as well.
I can't wait to show it to you on Friday.

Anyway I better go and get something done.
I hope you are all well and crafting along :-)

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