Sunday 11 December 2016


Wow I've been gone for sooo long!

Sorry I haven't been around.
Things have been manic.
I am on yet another medication change.
Fingers crossed this one works.
I am completely off nortriptyline, nearly off pregabalin.
No one warned me how bad pregabalin 
would be to come off.
I am currently trying topamax. 
A side effect of this drug can be weight loss.
That would be nice. It's the first one that isn't weight gain.
I have had a couple of nights sleep so that's good.
I am also starting counselling tomorrow.
I caught a nasty cold during it all which wasn't nice
and I am struggling to get rid of it.
I think I have gone through 2 boxes tissues so far.

Things have changed so much at home.
Red Monster no longer believes in Santa :-(
He is actually really excited about the fact
that I am santa.
I am sad about it but he is really happy.
He is still really up for all the fun and
has even been hiding the elves himself as well.

Red Monster has learnt to ride a bike.
This is huge in our house.
We never thought he'd do it due to his
dypraxia issues but against all the odds
he is riding his bike.
He is still a bit wobbly but is doing so well.

We've had a lot of fun with our new guest.
Benji's new friend comes every week day
when her mum is at work and then at weekends
when they are out.
She has settled in so well.

I have some makes but I'll save them for Friday.



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