Tuesday 13 December 2016

The Rich Can't Get Richer without the Little Man

The Rich Can't Get Richer without the Little Man

I don't normally discuss these
subjects on my blog but I am getting frustrated.
These companies are making huge profits
but still making staff redundant.
Do they not realise that if every company
makes more and more staff redundant
then there won't be anyone to buy anything.
The man at the bottom of the pile needs
to have a job to buy the things they are selling.
If they aren't in jobs then they won't be able
to sell any of them and then they won't
make ANY PROFITS!!!!!!!!

I get so frustrated when companies
post their profits and they are HUGE,
then a couple of months later they say
they need to streamline the business
or move the business to a country where
wages are cheaper.

If you move to a country that is cheaper
their wages go up and the people who
were in jobs who bought your product can't
buy it anymore.
Then all the happens is everything comes
to ahead and we have a world crash again.

It just seems like at the moment the rich are
getting richer.

The unemployment figures are all false as well.
I know someone who is on Job Seekers.
They go 3 times a week and sit for 2 1/2 hours
at a time to search for jobs.
They are being told to apply for jobs that are
for 7 hours a week.
Less than 16 hours and they will loose all their benefits.
Can you please tell me how you feed and house a family
on £50.40 a week?
If they don't apply and attend the interviews etc
they will be sanctioned and reduced even further.
They are attending a college course and volunteering
to get experience to have a better chance at a job.
It's not as though they aren't doing anything.

I am disabled and will suffer from these
nasty diseases for the rest of my life.
I will probably live the rest of my life
in pain as I do everyday at the moment.
I am unable to drive anymore and
am unable to use public transport
so I spend most of my life at home.
I have come to terms with that.
I am lucky enough to receive one of the benefits
but I didn't get that easily.
My husband had to spend hours filling in forms
for me.
My dad had to take me to assessments.
I didn't get the pip and even if I had I would
of only received £22 a week.
It's not the figures bounced about that most
people get.
I also get reviewed on a regular basis and have
to go through the whole process all over again.
Each time not knowing if I am going to end up with nothing.
I also have to live with the constant threat of being
spied on. I am doing nothing wrong and have
nothing to hide but you see what it feels like
to have a car sat outside your house for 3 hours
at a time.
And no that isn't paranoia, family, friends and other
people passing my house have noticed it.
Even the postman has commented.

Lots of people out there are told they aren't sick enough
to get pip or esa.
They go to Job Seekers and are told they are too sick
to get Job Seekers so they are given nothing.
Lots of these people have given up and committed suicide.

All the while the people who are rich have people
who make sure they pay as little tax as possible.
Some don't pay any tax at all.
Quite a lot of the companies don't pay any tax either.
They pay their employees as little as possible,
expect them to work as many hours as possible for free.
Your salaried, if you want to get anywhere in
the company you better offer your time for free.
They expect less staff to do the work of all the
people they have made redundant so the
company that doesn't pay any taxes
can make even more profits and can pay
huger pay and bonuses to the top staff
and the share holders that don't pay tax either.
The man doing all the stupid hours is paying
most of his wages to the tax man
and doing as many hours as possible hoping he
can keep his job as so many people are losing theirs.
He is lucky to be in a job so he needs to do
everything he can to keep it.
Then he looses his job and their isn't anyone to
buy anything and the company goes out of
business but the rich man has loads of money
in his account so he doesn't CARE!

Sorry I had to rant.
I care about others!
I give what I can to others.
When I can't we give all my sons
clothes and shoes to friends that
can't afford.
I look after animals that can't be in the day
 by their owners because
they have to go out to work.
I don't charge for it I do it because I can.
I always smile and say good morning.
It doesn't cost anything.
If someone wants to stop for a chat I do.
I have quite a few people I don't really know
but I know they live on their own and they stop
and talk to me everyday.
I know that little chat I have with them makes a difference
to them.
It's only a small thing but it makes a difference.
Everyone round here has to go out to work so all
their parcels come to my house.
They know I am usually in and in means that they
don't have to worry.
A recent friend has to work over Christmas and
I heard she might not be able to get someone
to look after her daughter so I offered for her to come here.
They are only super little things but they are the little
things I can do.
If companies thought more about what they could do
for their staff and the community they live in then
the world would be a better place.

When you go out tomorrow smile and say
good morning to someone.
It could make the difference to their day!


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