Friday 16 December 2016

I've Made Friday Week 206

Good Morning everyone!

Hi I'm back.

I know things have been a bit hit
and miss lately.
It's mostly down to all the medication
changes and the lack of sleep.
I can cope with just about anything
if I get some real sleep but
I haven't been having any of that for
quite a long time.
Fingers crossed this new medication
carries on working and I don't get
all the nasty side effects and have to
come off it.

Anyway onto a more positive note
I can't remember what I have shown you
so I will show you everything I can.
There are some Christmas Presents
so they'll have to wait till after Christmas.

I have been making lots and lots of these.
I give a Christmas decoration to each
of my family members each year.
I also made them for friends this year.
Then Red Monster asked me to make them
for teachers and teaching assistants as well.
He now has 4 teachers and their teaching assistants
at school now.
1 set for Maths and English in the morning.
1 set for his year in the afternoons.
1 set for art and 1 set for music.
Luckily when he gets to high school next year
the most he will give is his form teacher.

I also made Poppy a jumper.
She seems to like this one
so much more than the normal dog coats.
I am hoping to make her another
one after Christmas with some alterations
and then I will hopefully put the pattern on here.

I hope you are all well
and thank you for all your support!

1 comment:

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