Wednesday 10 August 2016


Hi I hope you are all doing well.

Me and Monster Red are having some fun
over the summer holidays.

We made a temporary pond and then decided
to get a real one.

We cleared all the ground and fitted a little pond.
It isn't finished yet but we are getting there.
His gold fish have been placed in as well
as some frog spawn.

We also found some little frogs and added them.
I know they will probably find there way back to
the local pond but Red Monster loved
meeting him.

We've been doing some chemistry experiments
and having fun.
We have been learning that different compounds
can change the colour of water and change
it back again.

On a less positive note my gran passed away last night.
She was 93 years old
and she is now free from pain and the awful
Alzheimer's disease.
She can now rest in peace.
She had 3 children, 8 grandchildren
and 6 great-grandchildren.

This was taken on the 1st of August
when she was singing and clapping along to
the music.

I hope you will stick around
because I am hoping
that there are going to be lots of things
coming up.
I am going to be starting to release
some of my patterns to you on here
for free.
As well as reviews, guest posts and

This will start once Red Monster
has gone back to school and
I get a bit more time back.

I'll still be around when I can
in the meantime.

I am still making my #danceinthesea
I am making the final blocks now.
I am super excited to start putting it together :-)



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