Monday 22 August 2016

Classic Yellow Labrador Plush Toy - Medium Size from the Yomiko Range ~ Yomiko ~ Product Review

Classic Yellow Labrador Plush Toy 
- Medium Size 
from the Yomiko Range

I think the pictures tell it all!
This is one super cute plush toy.
It's a cuddly toy you just want to cuddle.

Beautiful, soft and squish-able.
This soft toy is so cute and has so many special features.

As soon as you open the box 
you know you are getting quality. 
There are so many little special touches 
that makes this toy so much more special than others. 

Everything from the face (nose, mouth), 
ears and paws have little coloured 
details that make it more realistic.
The eyes just want to make you want to hug it 
and stroke it.

The fur is super soft 
and I am sure that anyone receiving this dog 
will be so excited and appreciative.

With such a quick delivery you don't have 
to wait long to receive your super cute Suki dog.

With the cute little nose, 
coloured areas for the whiskers 
and mouth as well as the beautiful eyes, 
it just looks so realistic.

I am a dog lover and have this dog sat on my bed, 
sat proudly showing off how cute he is. 
I would give him to someone else except 
I love him so much that I had to keep him.

I will highly recommend this product.
It's stuffed just the right amount to be able to squish it. 
It also has beans in the tail end to keep him weighted right. The sewing is well made 
and it seems that it will last a long time.
I think this dog will survive a lot of hugs.


I received this product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.


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