Friday 12 August 2016

Euphoria Tapestry Quilts ~ C & T Publishing ~ Book Review

by Deborah Kemball

ISBN: 9781617451560
Publisher: C & T Publishing
Publication Date: 14 July 2016
RRP: £21.99

Available direct from Search Press.


Wow amazing!
If you have ever wanted to try tapestry quilting,
expand your skills or just follow
the beautiful patterns from Deborah,
then I would highly recommend this book.

The book takes you through the basics
before taking you through each of the flowers.
All the embroidery is explained
so that you can duplicate everything in the book.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow
and with diagrams and pictures
to make things easier for you.

Each of the projects use each of the techniques
and flowers within the book.

The designs are classic and beautiful.
The colours that are brought together
really make an amazing design.

You will be amazed at the amount of
information held within this book.
It gives you everything you need to create
the projects as well as give you the information
so you can use it to design your own projects.

You will also be amazed at the amount of projects;

  • Fuchsia & Dahlia
  • Poppy & Daisy
  • Peony & Mimosa
  • Passion Flower & Dahlia Bud
  • Pomegranate & Acanthus
  • Wild Tulip & Starflower
  • Iris & Indian Lotus
  • Bougainvillea & Violets

Window Boxes
  • Water Lily
  • Crocus
  • Pansy

  • Spring Table Runner
  • Summer Table Runner

Tudor Rose Panel

Miniature Euphoria



You also get alternative quilt ideas at the back.

This book is really amazing.
The designs are classic and beautiful.
The techniques and designs are ones
you will use time and again.

Available direct from Search Press.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on the post.
No monies were exchanged.


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