Wednesday 17 February 2016

What You Doing Wednesday Week 187

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope your week is going well!

Wow what a hectic week.
Red Monster is off school so
we've been having fun together and
doing boring school work.

Red Monster went for tests last week
and it looks like he is dyspraxic
as well as dyslexic.
I have mixed feelings about this.
I knew in my heart of hearts
but everyone else wasn't quite as sure.
The team of doctors and assessors that saw
him have already started to arrange to go
into school.
They will go in and advise the school
what help and support he needs.
He is going for blood tests, he may go for
genetic testing and possibly an MRI.
A lot of his habits and things were explained
and loads of things started to make sense.
They also found he has hyper-mobility in his
fingers, wrists and elbows.
So all those times he was winging to me
and his teacher saying his hands hurt
they did.
They have advised what shaped 
knives and forks to get him.
He needs sponge grips on his pens and pencils.
No more pumps at school.
He needs the support in his feet.
So he might be getting special inserts for his shoes
as well!
Due to his lack of balance he turns his feet in,
flattens his feet and spreads his toes wide.
I have to say I was amazed!!
I was expecting we would go for the tests,
hear back in 6 - 8 weeks and we may get 
some help at some point.
Instead they were straight on it.
They already had the forms to sign so that
they go have permission to go into his school.
Part of me wanted to cry.
As the school nurse said he is one very intelligent
little boy.
The only thing is his brain lets the intelligence down.
It means he can't write it down
and now loads of things are affected due to
the fact that he has dyspraxia as well.

On a different note we have been
trying out the Cool Create 2-in-1 Sticker Magic Kit
We'll be doing a full review but
here is Red Monster having some fun.

I'm afraid I haven't got any further on any
of my makes this week.
I'll probably not get chance
till Red Monster is back at school.

I have started up a happy quotes book.
I just take a few minutes out of the day
and write a few quotes up.
It really makes the day a more positive one.

My favorite quote so far is:

I hope that I may always desire more
than I can accomplish -
Michel Angelo

I think that sums up my life in a T.
I love having things already to try and do.
I can never imagine my life being full
of things I would like to try, do and make.

Now it's your turn to share what you are doing.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.
Please add the pin to your post & check out a couple
of other people that are sharing their work 
Crochet Addict UK What You Doing Wednesday

Crochet Addict UK What You Doing Wednesday

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  1. This had to confirm concerns you had about your son. I've been thinking it is a very good think that you have had him doing crafts and other things that shows him he can do things! He has such a good Mom in you because he knows you never give up and he won't have to. God bless your family. Everything will be all right, you just have to go in other directions. You are used to that in your own life sweetie.

    1. Thanks that really means a lot. Oh I have learnt not to give up. It took a 4 year fight to get him the help at school but I have learnt a lot of tricks since so I'll hopefully get more sorted sooner for his dyspraxia. I don't know what his future will hold but as long as he is happy he can be anything he wants to be. I am glad I have become an open crafter because he now knows that you don't have to fit in the square peg. If he dreams of being a weaver he can. I am sure what ever he is he will bring happiness to so many people.

  2. Great idea about the quotes - I do this on my phone and it's fab to have. My favourite one at the moment is "Criticism is like a homing pigeon: it always comes back to you".

    1. Thanks. Yes I have them on my phone as well as a few books on my kindle. That's a really good quote, I think a lot more people need to think of that before they say and do things. It has really made a difference to write something positive every morning.


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