Friday 26 February 2016

Creative Calligraphy ~ Annie's ~ Book Review

by Kristara Schnippert

ISBN: 9781573678261
Publisher: Annie's
Publication Date: 23 December 2015
RRP: £8.99

Available direct from Search Press

What a special book.
My grandad died quite a few years ago
and not long before he passed away
he learnt calligraphy.
One of my special items from him
was a beautiful 3-D decoupage card
and the back is covered in the most
beautiful writing.
I was recently given his calligraphy set
and hence why I am now using this book.

Now everyone works on computers
a lot of people have forgotten that
the written word can be a whole
lot more special when handwritten.
By handwriting you are pouring your love
into the words as well.

I didn't actually realize how diverse
calligraphy can be.
This book takes you step by step through
the process of pens, pen nibs
the parts of a fountain pen and so
much more!

If you want to learn calligraphy
then this book is a really good start.

Everything is explained from a short history
to the terminology that is used in calligraphy.

Next comes setting up your pen and getting
ready to write, including how to hold your pen.

Next comes the practicing.
How you make the mark makes a huge
difference to how the letters will appear.
That's the reason one letter can look so
different from the next.

There are beautiful pictures throughout
making it clear and easy for you to follow
the instructions.

The whole of the first section of the book
is taken up by you learning how to write
I love the fact it even has a troubleshooting
As a beginner a lot of writers forget they have
little tricks that can help when things
go wrong.

The next section is taken up with
different fonts that you can use.
Now you know the break down of the strokes
it's easier for you to create the examples.

There is even a section on basic layouts.
How you space your writing can make
a huge difference to the whole effect.
I think this is just as important as learning
the calligraphy strokes.

Next is the Project Gallery!
The ideas where you can use calligraphy are
The brilliant thing is most are cheap to make!
With a piece of card and calligraphy you
can create some amazing things.

I'm practicing my calligraphy
and can't wait to start using it 
on my birthday and celebration cards.

Available direct from Search Press

I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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No monies were exchanged.

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