Thursday 3 December 2015

Fa La La La Felt ~ Lark Crafts ~ Book Review

Fa la la la Felt
by Amanda Carestio

ISBN: 9781600596155
Publisher: Lark Crafts
Publication Date: 21 June 2011
RRP: £9.99

Available direct from GMC


I have wanted this book for so long.
From just seeing the picture on the front of the book
I was excited about what you could make from inside.

I find felt a brilliant material to make decorations out of.
It's something that even children can try making with.

You won't be disappointed by the book.
It's packed full of 45 projects for you to complete.

You don't need to worry if you are new to hand-making
your own decorations, as the book is filled
full of information to help you with each
of the projects.

The start of the book covers everything from 
the materials that will be required,
to the tools that you will need to use.

With a basic sewing kit you can soon
start making some decorations for your house.
All the embroidery stitches are explained.
They also include illustrations to guide you
on your way.

The book is split into three sections;

Include in these are the following projects;
Snowflake Baubles, Winter Critter Portraits, 
Matryoshka Dolls, Christmas Cones, Felt Flora, 
Perching Dvoes, Gingerbread House,
Holiday Toadstools, Animal Crackers, Apple & Pear,
Three Wise Fish, Sew Merry, Beaded Tassel Drops, 
Merry Little Ornaments, Golden Partridges, 
Holiday Hearts, Holiday Hoot, Silver Bells, 
Layer Play, Mini Stockings, Oh, Christmas Trees, 
Retro Strip Ornaments, Star Bright ,Sweet Trio, 
Christmas Pines, Gingerman & Sugar Friend, 
Bough & Berries, Stitched Gift Tags, Little Birds Garland, 
Christmas Candy Garland, Scrap Wreath, Fa La La La Leaves
,Snowflake Coasters, String of Stars,Thrifted Holiday Tress, 
oopsy Daisies, Elfin, Paisley Power, Jester, Perky Pansy, 
Leaf Vine, Let It Snow, Cherry & Bright, Pet Stockings, 
Simple Stripes, Sorta Swedish.

As you can see there is so much packed into this book.
The instructions are clear for each of the projects.
The instructions are broken down into easy steps
to make it easier for you to make them.
My only negative is I would of liked some pictures
to go along side the instructions.

The back of the book is made up of all the templates
you will need to use.
You will need to copy and increase the size to be able
to complete the projects.

Overall I am very glad I purchased this book.
I'm really enjoying making the different decorations.
I have also found a few that I can use all year round
and not just at Christmas.

Available direct from GMC


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