Wednesday 9 December 2015

100 Designs Zen Colouring ~ The Ultimate Collection ~ GMC ~ Book Review

ISBN: 9781784941215
Publisher: GMC
Publication Date: November 2015
RRP: £9.99

Available direct from GMC.


I am so glad that colouring has come into
fashion for adults.
It's such a relaxing past-time.


I'm not very good at drawing so these
colouring books are perfect for me.

I have a few different books but I have to say
this has become my go to book for colouring.
No matter what your mood is you will
find something you want to colour.

Even if you don't have a lot of time there
are designs that are made up of smaller pictures.
This means even if I have have a short amount of
time, I can at least colour one part.

This book will keep you colouring and entertained for hours.
The designs are so varied and all of them are on
a high quality paper with a blank background.

This means once you've finished colouring in
you can either leave them in the book or remove
them and use them how you want to.

They are brilliant for framing and decoupage.
There are some I am looking forward
into making them into coasters.

I just can't believe how many designs
have been packed into this book.
It's such fantastic value for money.

As soon as you pick up the book
you can tell it's good quality.
You can also tell that not one person
has designed everything.

Each picture has it's own personality.
You have everything from beautiful birds,
turtles, trees to repeating shapes.

You really could spend a vast amount of time
relaxing and just switching off from the world for
a while.

Just relax, take some time and enjoy the peaceful
nature of colouring.

You will really be able to find your Zen.

Available direct from GMC.


I received this book to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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